I am a 50-year-old wife of 27 years, mom of 5, Nanna of 2, mother-in-law of 2, full-time working mom, Bible teaching, introvert. I am first a Follower of Jesus, a believer in family and community and an extremely proud Texan…conservative – American Patriot.

I just wanted a peaceful life…and then 2020 happened.

At the age of 49+, 4 of my progeny had reached the age of a adulthood, with the youngest turning 18 this year in the middle of a state-wide quarantine. This was to be the ‘golden year’, turning 50, child #5 turning 18, I could focus on my career, enjoy two grandchildren, continue teaching a Bible class for pre-schoolers at my church, do some renovations on my house, dreaming of retirement plans.  I. HAD. A. PLAN…and then there was that unwanted import from China that mysteriously stopped the world in its tracks.

I had been at my job in the Live Meetings industry for 5 years and had sacrificed a lot of family time for the last three years, writing proposals, winning business, and setting up for an an amazing, and profitable 2020.  WE. HAD. A. PLAN! …and then…China!

My daughter moved back home with her two very young children, so I had given up my office. My almost 18-year-old was staying up all night and sleeping during the day, and my almost 22 year old was still in his first half of a local trade college program.  We were all at home together – 7 days a week. Suddenly, I found myself working full-time from a ‘home office’ crowded into the corner of my bedroom with nowhere to hide from the minute-by-minute intrusions.  The AC was out and summer was approaching.  Summer in Texas is not for the faint of heart. And then my Daughter decided it was time to go back to work…with no daycare options…under stay at home orders from the County Judge.  I was now working full-time for a company that would lose all of its business through the end of 2020, and providing a full time daycare service for the littles. 

These are the highs and lows and a few of the woes of my beautiful life.

2020 has been a very wild, unexpected ride.

This is my life…and I’m thankful for it.